Solid Orange Knit Necktie

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Think of the Knit Necktie as the Swiss Army knife of ties. The soft, handwoven yarn is perfectly tailored to suit your adventurous life. Slim cut for a flattering, sleek, and modern look with a vibrant orange color guaranteed to turn heads. It features a distinguished squared bottom that hearkens back to the days of 1950's vintage men of style. This is the perfect accessory to accentuate your look, adding a dapper dab of style and color to any outfit, whether you closing deals on the job or closing deals out on the town.


  • 2" wide/ 59" long
  • Handwoven by master artisans
  • Made of Premium Microfiber Yarn
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Three Day Shipping


    • Wear this tie using a four in hand, or half windsor knot
    • Ensure the tie stops in the middle of your belt buckle
    • Solid color looks great with patterned shirts
    • For more casual look, undo top button and loosen knot slightly
    • Pair orange with earth tones like browns and purples
    • Neckties are the ultimate menswear accessory and look great on any occasion

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