Gold Koi Fish Tie Bar

  • 1.5" long
Legend has it, there was once a school of koi fish swimming upstream the Yellow River in China. The koi fish reached a giant waterfall at the end of the river and many turned back in the face of insurmountable odds.
But a select few chose to stay and attempt to crest the waterfall.

They leapt and leapt for years and years, trying to get over the waterfall. After a hundred years of trying, one koi fish finally leapt over the waterfall.
Legend has it, that koi fish was recognized by the Gods for it's perseverance, strength, and determination and was transformed into a golden dragon. Now the mighty koi fish is a universal symbol for hope, determination, and strength.

Today, you can own a piece of that legacy.

Collections: Tie Bars

Type: Unknown Type