Dark Denim & White Cotton Necktie

A distinctive dark denim color with an almost chalk like diamond pattern. Believe it or not, this tie is technically an argyle, but with a slight modern twist on the classic style. Simply magnificent.

  • Handstitched
  • 2" wide
  • 59" long
  • 100% Cotton
  • Spot Clean
  • Three day shipping*

This tie can be worn using a variety of knots, however looks best with a four in hand or a half windsor. Ensure the tip of the tie rests somewhere within your belt line, not to short, not too long. 

This is a superiorly crafted tie, handmade sartorial excellence. An absolute must add to your career transition toolbox.

This is a tie for a wolf. For a man who terrorizes the flock and leads his pack. If you need help with this product, ideas on how to wear it, or just want to chat, email us at support@acomen.com.

Collections: Cotton Neckties

Type: Cotton Necktie

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