Anderson & Company is a menswear brand created to help men transitioning careers. We are the true definition of the social|enterprise.

  • We provide handcrafted, artisan quality menswear beginning with neckwear, such as bow ties, knit ties, and cotton three folds.
  • We mentor, coach, and provide educational resources for men of all ages, whether they are transitioning from the military, graduating college, or even retiring from pro sports.

The Why:

Founder and CEO, Cal Anderson started this company because he transitioned from the Army in 2015 without the very resources Anderson & Company provides. High quality menswear at affordable prices. Educational resources on interviews, style, and workplace etiquette. All in one place. He decided to solve the problem.

The Founder and CEO:

Cal Anderson is a recently separated military veteran with a passion for service. Seven years of active duty time, one in the reserves, and a trip to Iraq sandwiched in between. Cal, a Washington D.C. native, and University of Maryland – College Park graduate, started this initiative to help his brothers in arms. At some point every soldier hangs up their boots and on that day you can be lost and confused, or know exactly what resource to turn to. Anderson & Company is positioned to be that resource, not only for soldiers, but for any man transitioning careers.


  • Founded on Halloween 2016, because starting a business is scary.
  • Bootstrapped, no investors.
  • Ecommerce business, operations based out of Washington D.C. area.
  • Team of seven diverse collaborators:
    • Cal Anderson, CEO
    • Danielle Brooks, Social Media
    • Karen Jackson, Social Media
    • Antonio Diggs, Content and Photography
    • Jeff London, Content Creator
    • Serena Anderson, Creative Director
    • Avon Jackson, Community Outreach Volunteer


CEO Cal Anderson

“I founded this company because my own transition sucked. I had no job, no job prospects, and maybe worst, no clothes to wear to an interview.” 

“There’s also this deeper thing with us. We pay homage to men who came before us. Who paved the way for young black entrepreneurs to be successful in America. For those who didn’t live to see this day and for the brothers in the struggle right now, who won’t live to see tomorrow. We will never just be a tie dealer. We grind hard for them.”

“I learned to tie a tie on Youtube for my first interview after the Army.” 

“Our slogan ‘Be the wolf’ simply means being a leader. Not a loner as many misperceive the wolf to be, but a leader. We encourage men to take professional leaps, to fight for advancement, and to leave the sheep. Lead.”

“Avon and I have been best friends since we were eight years old.”

“We decided to go with knit ties initially because they were different. They are perfect for transitioning from the office to happy hour. They provide our men an executive look, without being stuffy.”

 Avon Jackson, Community Outreach

“The most important part of our company is the work we do for young people. We mentor, coach, and work with young men of all ages.” 

“We’ve always felt, if not us then who.”

Danielle Brooks, Social Media Coordinator

“We use our Instagram to tell the stories of the men who wear our ties. So if you go to @acomen, you will see mostly story telling, in pictures and video.”


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The Future:

In early 2017, we will expand our line into stylish handmade dress socks, tie bars, and an even wider variety of handcrafted neckwear. We are also expanding our nonprofit partnerships to include organizations across America. Our dedication and commitment to serving men during career transitions will never waver. These men deserve the best.


Email Cal Anderson at for any inquiries. Thank you so much for your interest.