About us

The Anderson & Company Story

How we became the brand that styles men during career transition


By Cal Anderson

In December 2015, I separated from the Army. After seven years, three continents, and countless states, I was done. But I wasn't alone. I now had a wife, a two month old baby girl, and the toughest transition of my life staring me in the face. My life was really just beginning.


The story of Anderson & Company begins on that day. December 1st, 2015. With unlimited responsibility and finite resources, I set off into corporate America like the hard charging Staff Sergeant I was molded to be. But truly I didn't know where to start. What to wear? How to interview? How to negotiate a salary?

I didn't know how to tie a tie.

Anderson & Company exists to help men like myself through these challenging times. Not only with high quality, handcrafted menswear items, but with outreach, education, and resources to help men achieve the success they desire.

Our Vision

We were tired of seeing men struggle with transitions. Men returning to society from incarceration who can't tie a tie. Men who are graduating from college into their first corporate job. Men leaving the military in the same situation as I was in.

We imagine a pack of loyal wolves that assist each other, hoist each other up, and support each others dreams through these challenging times. We want to see our packmates successful and incredibly stylish. We are redefining the menswear experience. Neckties are now conversation starters, no longer afterthoughts. We make menswear for wolves.

Our Promise

We pledge to be the most community oriented menswear brand on planet earth. No one will outwork us and no one will ever match our commitment to your success.