Winter Skin Care: How to Beat Seasonal Dryness & Irritation

January 06, 2017

Most guys are low maintenance when it comes to skin care. At this point, the majority knows that soap and water aren’t enough to achieve great skin. A gentle cleanser and moisturizer are the bare necessities for every guy’s daily skin care routine. But as the seasons change, your routine should be updated to match. Winter especially calls for a new arsenal of tools to battle cold, dry air. If you think your favorite products will work year-round, think again.

Try an Oil-Based Cleanser

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about oil cleansers. Some sources say they make your skin too oily or that they leave your face feeling greasy. Others praise oil cleansers for the added layer of moisture protection they provide. The bottom line: if you have dry or combination skin, you need a cleanser that’s going to add extra moisture. Contrary to popular belief, oil doesn’t leave your face greasy; it actually works harder to move skin impurities to the surface. You’ll end up smoother and fresher.

Use a Night Cream

Creams and lotions work great in the warmer months. During those times, your skin produces more oil, and it needs less help to stay moisturized. However, the constant exposure to dry air leaves your face at a disadvantage. Night creams are typically oil-based and aid heavily in the skin’s overnight repair process.

Don’t Forget Sun Protection

UVA and UVB rays are just as strong in the winter. Even if you only spend a few minutes outdoors during your work commute, it’s still important to protect your skin from sun exposure. Invest in a daytime moisturizer that has at least SPF 15. Your face will thank you later.

When it gets colder outside, your favorite products aren’t strong enough to stop dryness and flaking. Invest in a few new creams and cleansers that can give you all the extra protection you need.