Why You Should Be Wearing Cotton Ties

January 22, 2017

In the tie world, cotton is a mystical material. At any department store, there are dozens upon dozens of silk tie options. Traditionalists preach that silk is the only way to go. For most of us, that’s the only acceptable tie fabric we’ve ever known. There’s a misconception that cotton is less formal and that it’s only appropriate for spring and summer.

However, everything you know about cotton ties is wrong.

Easy Care

Cotton ties are much easier to clean than silk ties. When you spill a glass of wine on a silk tie, you have to use some type of odd home remedy to clean it or you have to take a trip to the dry cleaners. With a cotton tie, you toss it in the wash with everything else. Cotton ties relieve one of the biggest headaches of formalwear.


Contrary to popular belief, cotton ties work in a variety of environments. Cotton ties work well with business suits and casual looks. They really stand out with strong colors or bold patterns like our Blue & White Gingham Cotton Necktie. Their sophistication and strength comes from their pairing; not just the fabric. Additionally, they look great with a variety of knots thanks to the light weight of the fabrication.


Think about your favorite cotton t-shirt and how long you’ve had it. Odds are, it’s been in your wardrobe arsenal for years. This will be the case with cotton ties. Silk ties are so easy to ruin. They rip, tear and pill when encountering a pointy surface or even your dry palms. You won’t have to treat cotton ties in a fragile manner. They’re durable and long-lasting, like all great clothing should be.

Cotton ties are no longer the exclusive territory of outdoor picnics or summer weddings. They’re versatile neckwear that can carry you through various aspects of your life all year long.

Shop for yours today.