Why Every Tall Guy Needs a Custom Shirt

January 18, 2017

If you’re a tall guy, buying dress shirts from department stores or mass market specialty stores can be problematic. 

Those shirts are based on standardized sizing, and you’re not the standard size.  The natural tendency is to buy a bigger size, and this works in some respect.  You’ll have longer sleeves and a wider neck. But the shirt’s torso becomes bulky and oversized. Then, you’re left with tons of excess fabric that you need to have taken in. There’s a double cost in buying new shirts: the retail price and your tailor’s service fee.

Luckily, tall guys can avoid this by going custom.

At first mention, custom shirts sound like a luxury that only NFL and NBA players can afford. But the days of thousand-dollar custom shirts are over. There are tons of brands out there that can assemble a custom-made dress shirt for you for $100 or less, the same retail price as the off-the-rack shirts you’ve been altering. 

The beauty in custom shirting is that every little detail is measured to perfection. Instead of investing double the time and double the money, you can shop and spend once for the exact fit you need.

Additionally, custom shirting is built to last. The shirts you’re buying at your local Macy’s aren’t. For tall guys who are sick of buying ballooning shirts that never fit correctly, going custom is a no-brainer.

Whether you have short arms and a wide neck or broad shoulders and a small waist, you can land on a shirt that accentuates your high points.

For all the tall guys out there, stop buying XXL shirts. They’re not made to fit you. They’re created under the assumption that the taller you are, the wider you are.  This isn’t the case for most tall guys. Go custom immediately, you won’t regret it.