Why Every Guy Needs a Pair of Chinos in His Closet

October 25, 2016

Once upon a time, chinos had a bad reputation. Picture a big corporate conference with an audience full of guys in powder blue woven dress shirts and khaki chinos.  The 90s painted a picture of boredom for this casual pant, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Chinos are one of the most versatile items a guy can own.

On the surface, chinos are cotton trousers created for both comfort and utility.  They were originally made for military uniforms but gradually evolved to become a casual staple. 

Though we often only see pictures of khaki chinos, they’re offered in several colors.  Fall is an especially great time to snatch up rich colors like olive, blue, burgundy and brown. 

One of the best things about these pants is their seamless integration into several scenarios.  You probably know that they work well with professional business casual looks.  But they also work well in more formal occasions when paired with a blazer. And they add a dapper touch to more casual happenings like an afternoon picnic or happy hour.  Chinos don’t dictate the aesthetic of your look. They’re a style chameleon that you can control with just a few details.

Make sure your chinos are cut slim and, this goes without saying, they should be flat front only.

For a sleek work look, make sure your woven shirt is tailored to avoid billowing fabric around your beltline.  Throw in a knit tie with a tie bar and cuff your chinos for a more distinguished look.  For more formal events, toss on a neutral blazer. 

For shoes, class things up with a leather loafer and go sock-free.  Or make things more casual with a basic low-top sneaker made of either leather or canvas.

Chinos won’t impose restrictions on you. Regardless of your lifestyle, they’ll always work in your favor.