What is Timeless Style and How to Wear It

January 29, 2017

The word ‘timeless’ is one of those fashion catchphrases that gets used often yet no one can really define it. Timeless men’s style is something we can probably point out when we see it, but pinning down a specific definition is difficult. To some extent, every guy is on a quest to nail timeless style every time he dons a suit.

But what is it exactly? What is timeless style?

Timeless style is exactly what it sounds like. It’s style that can be adapted by any man at any point in time. It’s men’s fashion that works for every era. It’s devoid of trend—more focused on versatility and flexibility.

Kanye’s ripped jeans? Not timeless.

Justin Theroux’s sleeveless band tees? Not timeless.

David Beckham’s off-duty style and red carpet looks? Timeless.

Timeless style is about simplicity. It’s not necessarily about the amount of money you spend or how luxurious the item is. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Does it fit you well? Is it neutral? Does it have a clear objective (i.e. business or casual)?

Men’s timeless fashion is never tied to a specific era. A sleek navy two-piece suit could’ve been worn 10 years ago. It also still looks great today. However, the aggressively pinstriped power suits of the 80's could only be worn now as part of a Gordon Gekko Halloween costume.

Timeless style is cut well to accentuate your physique. It plays off neutral colors and subtle patterns. It’s cohesive. It’s pressed and clean. It’s never too casual or too sophisticated. It’s always just right.

Almost always, suiting falls into this category. Casual items like denim and sweatshirts go through updates and changes faster than a viral video spreads through Facebook. But for the most part, suiting remains steady. It isn’t stagnant. Some cuts have become more modern and some experimentation has started taking place with lapels and vents. However, suiting itself has remained relatively unchanged for decades.

When you can pick up an item and know that it’ll still be in style 10 years from now, that’s the essence of timeless style.

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