The Best Winter Accessories for the Young Professional

January 11, 2017

Some of the best parts of winter fashion are the accessories.  From beanies to gloves to scarves, there are tons of combinations to help you look stylish while staying warm.  However, some accessories can look too casual for the workplace.  Even though you’ll be pulling your extra layers off as soon as you get to your desk, you still want to show up looking professional.  If you want to maintain your smart casual appearance, adhere to the following tips.

Keep Your Beanies Simple

Though beanies are extremely casual, there are certain versions that work seamlessly with more polished looks.  Invest in beanies made of wool.  They’re warmer and higher quality.  Try to avoid any bold patterns, bright colors or excessive logos.  Save those for the weekend.  Instead, opt for something solid in charcoal or black.  These neutral colors offer a clean aesthetic that will match every coat in your closet.

Go for Leather Gloves

Fingerless gloves are cool but tend to call to mind a New York City bus driver.  They’re great for a weekend football game with friends but not for work.  Spend a little more on a pair of leather gloves with touchscreen sensitivity.  You’ll look mature but not stuffy, and better yet, you’ll be able to keep texting without exposing your fingers to the bitter cold.

Cashmere Socks Are a Must

All too often guys forget the importance of keeping their feet warm.  In subzero temps, our extremities are the first body parts to feel the chill.  Cashmere socks are extremely warm and comfortable.  Though they’re thicker, they still fit into your work shoes with ease and look great with your favorite suits.

This season, upgrade your old winter accessories for a dose of function, warmth and professional style.