Prescription Glasses: Finding the Perfect Frames for Your Face

October 15, 2016


If you’ve just started wearing prescription glasses, there’s a lot to adjust to.  Depending on the strength of your correction, the first week can feel like you’re in a 3D video game.  Plus, you have to gauge whether your frames are the perfect fit for your face or not. 

Odds are, you’ll be stuck with these glasses for at least a year, if not longer. So it’s important to make sure they suit your face shape.  So many guys feel pressured to pick designer frames, but your top choice should be less about the name and more about the way they look. With the right frame shape, even the cheapest pair will look like a million bucks.


A round face shape is defined by a forehead and jaw of the same width but slightly wider cheekbones. The best frames should be rectangular with bold lines.


The square face shape is all about symmetry, with cheekbones, a forehead and jaw that are all of equal width.  The goal here is to soften the angularity of your face. You can do this with rounder, thinner frames that are just a little wider than your cheekbones.


Guys with a triangle face shape are widest at their jaws but their face gets narrower up to the forehead. The width of these glasses should be just a bit wider than your cheekbones, and the frames should only have heavy detailing on the upper half.


The heart-shaped face is wide at the forehead but narrower through the jaw. A modified wayfarer with more detailing on the bottom half works best.


The oval face shape has wider cheekbones but the forehead and jawline are only subtly narrower. The small differences in angles make this shape extremely versatile for different frames but they look best with oversized looks and bold shapes.

Before you opt to spend serious dough on a designer brand, make sure your new frames are the right fit for your particular face shape.