Prepare for Your Transition in Style: Interview Fashion Tips

November 14, 2016

Scoring a big interview can unleash a wild combination of emotions.  There’s the excitement over the possibility of a fresh start.  But there’s also fear and anxiety about what questions to expect.  One surefire way to make a big impression is with your wardrobe selection.  Your interview look should knock the interviewer off the seat.  Just make sure it isn’t for the wrong reasons.

 Stay Neutral

Your interview isn’t the time to show off your love for neon colors.  Whether you’re rocking a traditional suit or a business casual blazer/chinos combo, stick to gray, white, black and navy.  The key here is to look professional and show you take the job seriously.  Your look should complement your qualifications, not distract from them.

Learn the Environment

If you’re interviewing at a tech startup, odds are you don’t need to wear a full suit.  You’ll likely look far too formal for the millennial workplace.  But financial institutions and law firms tend to stick firmly to tradition.  Try your best to learn a little about the environment before you show up.

Keep It Simple

Old school haberdashery like collar pins, tie bars and cuff links are undoubtedly fun ways to inject personality into a professional look.  But for your first impression, keep it toned down with a no-frills look.  Stick to standard shirting that doesn’t require cuff links and rock a standard tie sans accessories under your blazer. 

Be Sharp

The strongest look in the world will be completely sabotaged by wrinkles or stains.  Make sure you’re only offering your best at your interview. This means everything should be pressed and cleaned.


Dressing for an interview is all about evoking an aura of success.  A wrong move and you could end up on the unemployment line; the right one and you’ll be sitting at your new desk in no time.