More Fall Fashion Trends of 2016

November 07, 2016

Last month we introduced a few fall trends and now we finish up the series with three more. Enjoy.

Here Comes the Fuzz

Later in fall, as temperatures continue to plummet and winter edges closer, you’ll need a way to keep warm.  If you follow the lead of the industry’s most notable designers, your warmth plan will include some type of fur or shearling.  Up and down the runways, last season saw every designer sending out coats with shearling linings and faux fur accessories.  It seems they were all preparing for a season marked by record cold.  Staying warm in frigid temps can still be a stylish affair.


Military influence in men’s fashion has always been a thing.  Shirts have featured epaulets.  Camo pants went through a tailored resurgence back in 2014.  This season, fashion’s love affair with the armed services continue.  Nautical details (sailor hats, white scarves, navy and white stripes) were a common theme.  Additionally, many outerwear pieces have adopted militaristic, double-breasted styling with rows of silver and gold buttons.

Get Chunky

This fall, you officially have permission to get chunky.  But don’t take it literally.  Spare your waistline and grab a pair of chunky shoes.  Only the daredevils embraced this move a few years back.  But it seems the masses are ready to accept a fuller shoe silhouette that’s punctuated by thick, rubber soles.  Imagine sticking your favorite oxford onto the sole of a hiking boot.  That’s where footwear is going this year.

It’s always acceptable to stick with classic men’s style, but if you want to try something new, the trendsetters are willing to help you move left of center.