More Color tips for your Skin Tone

October 31, 2016

Cool Colors Are Your Worst Enemy

Unless your goal is to look dull, you want to avoid dark colors. Without a contrast, your look becomes flat and boring. There’s little variation, and neither your features or your clothing will pop. If you insist on pulling off cool colors, balance them out with layers of warmer colors. For example, if you want to wear a violet cardigan, layer a white shirt underneath with a subtly patterned tie. The shirt breaks up the darkness of your sweater and still allows your skin to shine.

Skip The Brown

For obvious reasons, brown is just too similar to your skin tone no matter how dark or light-skinned you are. It can have disastrous results, even when balanced out with other colors. It’s best to skip the brown altogether.

Keep Classic Neutrals To A Minimum

When it comes to classic professional dress, black and navy are always in the mix somewhere. But just because every men’s magazine tells you to wear them doesn’t mean you have to. Aside from black just being plain boring, it’s at the extreme end of the cool spectrum-which means it’ll be even more boring once you put it on. If you rock navy, just keep it to a minimum and be sure to mix some warm colors in there somewhere.

For men with dark skin, the color possibilities are endless. But there are some steadfast rules that must be followed in order to look good at all times.