Three things that will help your military transition

November 03, 2016

A personal letter from our founder, CEO, and US Army Veteran Cal Anderson.

When I decided to hang up my boots for good one year ago this month, I knew my life would never be the same. I was giving up a comfortable living out on the west coast, nice little house, newborn daughter, beautiful wife. We were comfortable and happy.

But in my heart I knew the military was only part of my story. The other part had yet to be written. Here are a couple things I learned in this last year that may help you during your transition journey.

  1. Join the Reserves or the Guard. At least until you land on your feet. The inexpensive healthcare, the few hundred bucks a month, and the camaraderie will really help you during a challenging time.
  1. Stick with the job you know. When I got out I knew 1,000% I wanted to be an entrepreneur. And stubbornly for about three months (until I ran out of funding) I tried and failed repeatedly with no job or job prospects. If you are young and single, no big deal. But if you are married with kids, living at your moms house and feeding your family Ramen is not the sexy picture of entrepreneurship you sold the wife when you ETS’d. If you are a loggy, get a civilian log job. If you are intel, stay in the community. If you are infantry, may the Lord be with you. In all seriousness, never stop chasing your dreams. But get a job doing something you know how to do, just to pay the bills.
  1. Use your VSOs. Veteran service organizations are your best friend when it comes to a military transition. They helped me with my VA claims, home loans, and GI Bill. They are here to serve you and even if you transitioned years ago you can still reach out. If you have to go to court, you would hire an attorney. So if you have to navigate the VA, why not hire a free VSO rep, who is an experienced VA navigator.

Lastly, and this may be the most important of all. Reach out for help. Email us at Reach out to the VA, to fellow veterans, to Facebook support groups. You are not in this alone.

Transitioning is challenging for us all. You go from managing a battalion, a company, a squad, maintaining $30 million in equipment, years of combat leadership, to being in charge of just yourself. It’s a massive blow emotionally. We all feel it.

As the CEO of Anderson & Company, I am personally dedicated to your success. Dedication to your success is literally our only core tenant. Every value, belief, promise, mantra, slogan, or product stems from that dedication to you. Be the wolf.