To Knit or to Cotton

October 19, 2016

Choices, choices, choices.

We think style should be simple, so here goes.

Choose Cotton If:

You want something more formal and more traditional. If you work in an environment where most men wear wide silk ties, a slim cotton tie would allow you to look dapper, without standing out for the wrong reasons. Cotton ties are great year round and look amazing on all sorts of fabrics. Think of cotton as an everyday alternative to silk.

Try pairing an Original Plaid tie with a deep maroon shirt for a simple, yet classy look.

Choose Knit If:

You dare to be bold. You are the type of guy who wears orange on days other than Halloween. If you want to be bold, be different, and be remembered, a knit tie is for you. A knit tie is a conversation starter. From it's thick textured look and feel, to the dapper, vintage square bottom, a knit tie is the ultimate in modern man haberdashery. Simple to tie, simple to style, but unbelievably sophisticated in appearance.

Try pairing a Solid Red Knit with a checked or gingham shirt for an eye catching, regal look.

At Anderson & Company, we believe style should be simple. Simple designs, simple products, which give you sophisticated results. No matter what you choose, you will look great. Or say screw it and get a bow tie!