How to Stand Out at Black Tie Affairs

October 04, 2016

Have you ever rolled your eyes at those awards show ‘best dressed’ lists? Sure, it makes sense to look back on the varying styles of the women in attendance.  Their gowns are often awe-inspiring.  But all the guys tend to look the same. They’re all in standard black tuxedos with bow ties. Maybe they’ll shift a tiny detail like their lapel pin color but, overall, every guy’s look is cut from the same cloth. If you want to stand out from the sea of black tie drones, there are a few tips that can help.

Ditch the Black

A lot of guys interpret black tie very literally. Just because the invite states black tie doesn’t mean you’re limited to wearing all black.  Follow the lead of Rami Malek at this year’s Met Gala. He walked the red carpet in a royal blue Dior tux that instantly turned heads and justified a reason for a best dressed list.  The key here is to stay conservative in your color choice. So different shades of blue tend to offer variation while staying appropriate.

Channel the Old School

A classic style move involves the white dinner jacket. Often defined by its ivory hue and black lapels, the white dinner jacket is a touch more formal than even the black tux. Paired back to black pants, it’s a classic look that channels the Rat Pack. It’s formal fashion with a touch of whimsy. You can also try out a velvet jacket for a similar effect.

Don’t Rent

Rented tuxedos aren’t made to fit your body. As we all know, fit is everything with a great suit. At most events, guys have opted for one-time rentals which is why they all look uniform. Fork over some extra cash and work with a tailor to create a tux that’s perfectly suited for your physique. Even if you stick with black, fit alone will make you stand out.

Black tie affairs definitely call for a set of standard rules. But rules were made to be broken.