How to Look Stylish and Remain Comfortable

February 21, 2017


One of the greatest challenges for fashion-minded men is dressing well while staying comfortable. Style and comfort seem to be two constructs constantly at odds with each other. If you dress for comfort, you might be interpreted as being sloppy or unbothered. If you dress for style, you’ll have to sacrifice your ability to feel good in order to look good. While finding the balance between the two concepts is admittedly tough, the good news is a happy medium can be achieved.

Wear Clothes That Fit

It sounds simple—like men’s fashion 101. However, you’d be surprised at how much discomfort is caused by incorrect sizing. For example, when you wear a suit, you might choose a blazer that’s cut too slim. As a result, your movement is restricted when you have the front closure fastened. You think your blazer looks good, but if you can’t move, then the suit is essentially pointless. Take some extra time to make sure your clothing is tailored to your measurements and exact needs. This way, whether you’re in a hoodie or a tuxedo, you’ll feel at ease.

Choose Cotton

Cotton is a breathable fabric that’s flexible and unbelievably comfortable. Most dress shirts are made from cotton or a cotton-blend. There are tons of suiting blends that incorporate cotton. Your undergarments are likely crafted from it as well. When most of us think of cotton, we imagine basic t-shirts or sweatpants. However, a great deal of men’s formalwear is made from the popular fabric. Thus, you can still be relaxed in even the most formal of looks.

Select Functional Shoes

When you hear the term “functional shoes”, you instantly think of orthopedic inserts. These aren’t the type of functional shoes you need. Brands like Cole Haan are selling oxfords and wingtips with athletic shoe soles. You can pack in the style of a dress shoe but still have the comfort and function of your favorite sneakers. If you want to keep your feet stress-free, opt for shoes that put equal emphasis on style and comfort.

Dressing for comfort doesn’t have to mean giving up style. With a few tweaks, you can be the best dressed (and most comfortable) guy in the room.