How To Find The Right Color for Your Skin Tone

August 01, 2016

The official first day of fall is right around the corner. So not only will you be adjusting your wardrobe for fabrication and length, but you’ll also need to change the colors.

For men of color, this can get complicated. The rich jewel tones of fall can often look very similar to our natural skin tones. That means the trending colors of the season could wash us out. While you might consider yourself an expert on what looks good on you, it doesn’t hurt to keep these things in mind before you slip into that brown sweater.

Warm Colors Vs. Cool Colors

Color isn’t just about the entire spectrum. It’s about where certain colors fall on that spectrum. Warm colors are the brighter hues like yellow, orange, and red. Cool colors are darker and richer like purple and navy. When it comes to contrast, one warm color placed against a background of another warm color creates a problem. Neither color stands out. The same goes for two cool colors. When you place a warm color against a cool color, both colors shine through to full effect.

Warm Colors Work Best For Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, know that your skin tone is classified as a cool color. That means warm colors will create the strongest contrast and look best against your skin. When you’re considering which fall colors to latch onto, steer clear of burgundy and navy. Instead, stick to the brighter jewel tones like mustard yellow and orange. But beware of choosing versions that are extremely bright. If you get too warm, you’ll create an unflattering contrast that’s simply too much.