Congrats on Your Promotion: How to Handle the Big News with Your Co-Workers

November 09, 2016

For most driven guys out there, the light at the end of the email tunnel is a promotion.  Stepping up to the next rung on the ladder means a brighter future at your company and a bigger paycheck.  But not everyone is rooting for you.  Some of your co-workers will be genuinely supportive while others may have been gunning for your spot.  You’ll be over the moon about your new position but you need to exercise diplomacy in doling out the big news.

Don’t Tell Them

Quite often, promotions are confidential.  You’ll find out days or even weeks before you’re officially cleared to tell anyone.  Depending on the culture of your workplace, revealing your ascent to the top will probably be the responsibility of your boss or the HR manager.  Let them do their job so you all have to do is graciously accept all the well wishes.

Don’t Gloat

Promotions are exciting…especially when you get your hands on your first paycheck.  But it’s important to stay humble.  For you, this is just the beginning of a new challenge that will undoubtedly be more difficult than your last role.  For others, they might be jealous of your success. It’s crucial that you focus your energy on learning the job instead of bragging about it.

Don’t Be Awkward

In many instances, a promotion puts you in a position where you have to manage a former peer or even a friend.  Don’t let your newfound power go to your head.  From the start, have an open and honest conversation with your new direct reports so you all have a clear understanding of how you’ll move forward.

When it comes to celebrating your new gig, save the champagne popping and the self-praise for happy hour.  In the office, keep it professional so you can start working your way toward the next one.