Are You Making These Suiting Mistakes?

December 21, 2016

When you transition to your first post-college job or a new position, it’s customary to upgrade your professional wardrobe. Unless you’ve just made some serious bank, your suits need to be in the affordable range. However, when you’re shopping for suits with great value, it’s easy to make some big mistakes. Watch out for these errors so your suits will look like a million bucks regardless of how much you spend.

Open the Vent

When you buy your suit off the rack, the jacket’s vent is often sewn shut. Time after time, guys throw on their suit without opening it. This restricts your movement and makes your upper body look bulky. Take a few extra seconds to snip it open so your jacket fits perfectly.

Buy the Right Jacket Size

If your jacket is too big, your jacket sleeves will cover up your shirt cuff and your shoulder seams will fall near your biceps. When it’s too small, you won’t be able to comfortably button it closed. Pay close attention to fit before you head to the checkout counter.

Don’t Match Your Tie and Pocket Square

Contrary to popular belief, these two accessories shouldn’t match. Instead, they should complement each other. If you’re wearing a navy and white striped tie, choose a white pocket square. When the two match perfectly, you’ll look like you bought a matching set, a real downer for guys who want to portray great style.

Watch Pant Length

Your trousers are also important. A key note here is the break, or rather the crease in your pant leg that rests just atop your shoe. Your pants should rest gently over your shoe, not cover it or leave it exposed.

In suiting, it’s all about the details. Whether you spend $400 or $4,000, missing the minor notes can ruin everything.