Are Messenger Bags More Professional Than Backpacks?

October 08, 2016

Backpacks have gone through a sort of revolution since your elementary school days. Sure, the budget Herschel backpacks are still wildly popular. But now, we’ve seen designers inject these bags with luxury details like exotic skins, leather and premium metallic hardware. 

But can a luxury backpack serve as a substitute for traditional work bags?

I’m afraid not. Even the most high-end backpacks can still make an executive in a suit look like a college student.  Backpacks wrinkle your blazer before you get to the office, and provided you’re headed to work, they can be a little bulky.

Messenger bags are a more professional alternative because they’re sleeker, more conservative and more functional. Not to mention, they distribute the weight of your belongings evenly across your body instead of distressing your shoulders.

In terms of style, you have quite a few options.

The most work-appropriate versions are made of leather and look great in either black or brown. As you wear them in, they develop a nice patina that makes them look more rustic and masculine.

But if you work in a more relaxed setting, try out some canvas options instead. Canvas is a durable material that lends itself to more color choices. You can rock bags in olive green and beige or even color blocked styles with pop colors like orange or blue.  The key here is to avoid wearing colors that are too bold.  And prints aren’t a safe choice. Odds are, you’ll be wearing this bag on a daily basis so the color should be versatile enough to match everything in your closet.

Don’t feel pressured to match your shoes or any specific elements of your outfit to the messenger bag.

Versatility is key so it works seamlessly into your look without much effort.

If you’re a young professional contemplating giving up your backpack, make the leap to messenger bags and don’t look back.