5 Types of Watches For Every Aspect of Your Life

September 28, 2016

A great timepiece often serves as the last link to completing a strong look. 

Watches are a time-honored symbol of masculinity and sophistication.  Whether you’re adding a bit of flash to your suit for a big meeting or inserting a bit of flare into a casual day outfit, your watch can tip the style scale in a favorable direction.  In order to pull off the right watch for the right occasion, it’s important to differentiate between the different styles on the market so you can decide on what’s right for you.

The Dress Watch

For the guy who wears a suit to work or spends his nights at black tie events, the dress watch is the perfect fit.  Dress watches are designed to fit under suit sleeves; they have thinner casing than more casual styles.  These watches are simplistic but stylish.  You won’t find a lot of fuss on the face. You probably won’t even find numbers.  Dress watches tend to go for Roman numerals for a sleeker aesthetic.  They’ll often feature precious metals and dark leather bands. They complement a sharp suiting look without stealing the show.

The Aviator Watch

The aviator watch is more of a functional watch with some very specific characteristics.  It has a distinctive black face punctuated with white digits.  It features pushers on each side.  Pushers are small buttons used to stop and start the various chronographs and stopwatches on the face.  Where aviator watches may appear different is in the number of additional chronographs featured.  Some will feature less while others may have time zone bezels or circular slide rules.

The Field Watch

Field watches first came to prominence back in World War I.  They were used to help military leaders time their attacks.  Their defining trait is a hacking second hand.  This hand can be set and held to enable synchronization with other watches.  The face features a high contrast so that time can be seen without any difficulty or struggle.  The face is also larger than most other watches.  Instead of leather bands, field watches feature more durable and easily replaceable materials like nylon.

The Dive Watch

The dive watch is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a watch intended for diving.  They’re highly functional-more so than any other watch you’ll come across.  The face is covered by thick sapphire glass and is waterproof up to 100 meters to withstand the intense pressure of the deep sea.  These watches also feature tritium illumination.  This helps keep the face visible in deep, murky waters and can last up to 15 years.

The Racing Watch

This watch is still functional but has a lot more flair than its counterparts.  They’re accented by bright colors.  Racing watches often have chronograph dials, which are smaller stopwatches contained within the face of the main watch.  They also use Tachymeters, which help wearers calculate distance and speed.


Whether your lifestyle is one of a highly skilled athlete or successful businessman, there’s a watch out there that’s perfect for your lifestyle.